Performing Daily on Academic Avenue

It’s Lights – CAMELS! Action, as America’s Show Camels present “Camel Kingdom.” This brand new presentation of blue-eyed, black and white spotted, rare snow white, and traditional brown camels offers a pleasureful combination of educational experiences and entertainment thrills that are sure to appeal to people of all ages. Learn about all camels, witness a baby camel being bottle fed or even treat yourself to a camel ride! Every day is “HUMP DAY” in the one-of-a-kind oasis habitat at Camel Kingdom!

At the Abernathy Arena

These animals are world-renowned for their herding abilities, and follow Bill Coburn's voice commands and whistles while herding sheep and ducks. Engaging fun for the whole family!

Barnyard Cackle Review

Barnyard Cackle Review
In the Ellison Building

Come hear what all the clucking's about! The seven character singing chicken show features Rocky Da Rooster and his singing hens, Tanya Clucker, Loretta Hen, Patty Eggless, Reba MacEggtire, Patsy Coop, and Sh'nia Twang! 

Marsh Tacky Horse
At the Abernathy Arena

This performance will feature the Marsh Tackies, a unique horse breed native to our state. This critically endangered breed was recently named South Carolina's Heritage Horse.