Commerford Zoo

Young girl holder her hand out to feed a goat with large horns.
Performing Daily on Academic Avenue

Commerford and sons petting zoo is a family owned and operated petting zoo featuring domestic animals and hand raised exotic animals that just love attention. The Commerford’s have been raising animals for well over fifty years. Guests are invited to get up close and meet some members of the Commerford petting zoo family!

Border Collie Herding Exhibition

At the Abernathy Arena

These animals are world-renowned for their herding abilities, and follow Bill Coburn's voice commands and whistles while herding sheep and ducks. Engaging fun for the whole family!

Barnyard Cackle Review

Barnyard Cackle Review

Come hear what all the clucking's about! The seven character singing chicken show features Rocky Da Rooster and his singing hens, Tanya Clucker, Loretta Hen, Patty Eggless, Reba MacEggtire, Patsy Coop, and Sh'nia Twang!