Equine Shows


Paso Fino Exhibition

Presented by The Puerto Rican Paso Fino Federation of America, Inc.

The Pure Puerto Rican Paso Fino Federation of America, Inc. will present its annual exhibit, “The Classic Celebration Show.” This show honors the memory of one of the Federation’s founding members and a great lover of the S.C. State Fair, Mr. Creighton Shull.

Oct. 13 – 14, Equine area near Abernathy arena


Donkey & Mule Show

Enjoy two days of watching donkey and mule competitions at the Donkey & Mule Show, sponsored by the South Carolina Donkey & Mule Association and managed by St. Clair Equine. The categories include mini donkeys and mini mules, standard/mommoth donkeys, saddle mules and more. Shows will run all day.

St. Clair Equine Information

Oct. 22 – 23,  Abernathy Arena

Youth Horse

Youth Horse

Showcase your talents in our Youth Horse Department.

Exhibitors must be nineteen (19) years of age or under as of January 1 of the current year. This is also applied to each age division, i.e. 12 and under class entrants must be 12 or younger as of January 1.

Show Dates: Oct. 16 – 18
Location: Abernathy Arena