Oct. 9-20, 2024


Heritage Village

Meet me in the Heritage Village

A visit to the South Carolina State Fair’s Heritage Village offers a glimpse into the past and frontier times. Explore reconstructed historical structures, observe traditional crafts and demonstrations and learn about the daily lives of early settlers. Heritage Village aims to recreate the atmosphere and ambiance of a frontier community. Encounter reenactors dressed in period costumes who can provide information about the challenges and customs of the time. Heritage Village offers a tangible connection to history.

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Located in Hampton Plaza near the Rocket. 

Hot Glass Academy

Hot Glass Academy sc00054


Watch amazing glass-blowing demonstrations by professional glass artists. Creating their works of art at 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit, these glass blowers will shape the molten material to convey their vision. No two artworks are exactly alike. This is exciting and mesmerizing to watch from start to finish.

Michael Felk - Tinsmith

Michael Felk 2


Using never before seen 18th century tools, Michael Felk brings to life the past with interpretive shows. Felk’s knowledge and personality will draw fairgoers in and keep them entertained – while educating them on the craft of making practical and beautiful products. He will also have some of his tin wares available for sale.

American Heritage Museum

Amerian Heritage Museum 2


Feel the fibers of America’s past with a hands-on museum experience. This historical exhibit shows what hard work and ingenuity have accomplished through the years. Experience historically accurate displays – showing how the country developed from earlier times to the present day – and how our ancestors did such things as cut wood, make syrup or ice cream and perform various other activities – all without the help of modern-day technology.

Reggie Delarm -
Minature "Yellow Ware" Pottery



For more than 20 years, East Knoll Pottery has been devoted to accurately reproducing the style of pottery known as “Yellow Ware,” using yellow clays, traditional designs and clear lead-free glaze for everyday use. Reggie Delarm will dress in period costume as she throws clay on a potter’s wheel and demonstrates how pottery has been made for decades.

Roger Abrahamson -
The Giant Bowl Turner

Roger Abrahamson Giant Bowl Turner


Roger Abrahamson, a craftsman and teacher, performs wooden bowl turning on a human-powered spring pole lathe — a lost art dating back to times past. Abrahamson  enjoys educating audiences about wood. His presentation features a continuous demonstration of how woodworking was done before machines ­and factories.

Heart Felt Creations

Heart Felt Creations



Discover the world of timeless craftsmanship with Heart Felt Creations! Experience living history demonstrations that transport you to a bygone era, as Bob and Cindie showcase their deep commitment to preserving our rich heritage

Purgatory Iron Works

Purgatory Ironworks 2


Witness awe-inspiring craftsmanship with this professional blacksmith group as they demonstrate an array of historical hardware from intricately crafted cooking elements to mighty tomahawks. Their demonstrations will transport you back in time. Prepare to be captivated as they explain the rich history, tools and techniques honed by craftsmen for over two thousand years. Immerse yourself in history and gain a deeper appreciation for the time-honored art of blacksmithing.

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