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Oct. 11-22, 2023


Food & Drinks

Pepsi is proud of their Carolina roots and is overflowing with joy to be part of this year’s South Carolina State Fair.

Our thanks to fair partner, Pepsi, the official beverage at the SC State Fair.

*NEW* Looking for a specific food concession or location?


New Foods!

With more than 90 food stands, guests will find everything – from innovative indulgences (fried cookie dough and donut burgers), to S.C. State Fair staples (Fiske fries and foot-long corn dogs), to lighter fare (the ultimate Greek salad) ­– luring all types of food lovers from across the state. A variety of new food items are described below.


Steak Poutine Sundae

The “Steak Poutine Sundae” from DeAnna’s Food Concession

Fresh cut fries layered with fresh cheese curds covered in hot Gravy and topped with Sirloin Steak to make the ultimate Cheese Steak!  

Located at #121 on the concessions list & map.

Screenshot 2022 08 30 124726

Cookies and Cream Topped Funnel Cakes and Elephant Ears from State Fair Foods

Funnel cakes or elephant ears topped with powder sugar and Bavarian cream, sprinkled with crushed Oreo cookies and chocolate chips.


Located at #6 and #14 on the concessions list & map.

Screenshot 2022 08 30 124956

Fried Moon Pies

Deep-fried moon pies will put you over the moon!  These graham-cracker and marshmallow-filled moon pies, made especially for the S.C. State Fair, will be freshly fried and delicious. Available in chocolate and banana.


Located at #220 on the concessions list & map.

Screenshot 2022 08 30 125229

Watermelon Iced Tea

A fruity twist to beloved iced tea! A cold drink that will leave you refreshed and recharged. 


Located at #121 on the concessions list & map.

Cookies 1

Returning This Year – Expanded Cookie Kitchen!

Warm cookies and cold milk await our guests in the newly expanded cookie kitchen now located in the Rosewoods Salon.  *NEW* Six Cookies are $5. A decadent pop of chocolate chip cookie goo to melt in your mouth!


Located at #1 on the concessions list & map.

South Carolina State Fair Oct 2018 photo by Forrest Clonts 2

Lunch Bunch Reminder

Pop in and out of the S.C. State Fair for lunch with a special lunch bunch ticket, available from noon-2 p.m. each weekday (except Wednesday, Oct. 12). Pay your entry fee and receive a refundable $20 ticket. Return to the ticket booth with the ticket by 2 p.m. to get your money back.


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