Oct. 13-24, 2021



With nearly 70 rides, this year’s fair is sure to create special moments – from sky-high thrillers to the family-friendly run. North American Midway Entertainment will feature two new rides along with some returning favorites.

The State Fair will once again will feature Pay-One-Price (POP) ride days every day. Patrons can enjoy unlimited rides by exchanging a ride voucher for a POP wristband at specially marketed ticket booths. 

Exchange a ride voucher for a Pay-One-Price wristband to enjoy unlimited rides, even on weekends! Ride vouchers may also be exchanged for 30 ride coupons any day of the fair. 

Discount Prices (Sept. 8 – Oct. 12)

Discount priced tickets can be used any day the fair is open, weekdays or weekends.

Ride Vouchers: $25 (Online or Circle K)

During Fair (Oct. 13 – 24)

Online & Circle K: $33 (Tickets can be used any day the fair is open, weekdays or weekends)

Weekdays (Mon-Thur): $33 (at the fair)

Weekends (Fri-Sun): $38 (at the fair)

Ride Coupons (For purchase at fairgrounds): 

1 Coupon: $1.25 

20 Coupons: $25  

50 Coupons: $60  

Kiddie rides require 2-3 tickets. Spectacular rides 4-6 tickets. 

Midway Express Access Pass: $15 

  • Grants access to the front of every ride line. Purchase at the fairgrounds.  



DUMBO is a brand-new ride for families to enjoy! This ride holds 20 passengers and sends kids spinning in delight high into the air. The brilliant colors on DUMBO – accompanied by the bright lights and cute parrots – are sure to make this new family ride a fan favorite. Riders will have a hard time passing up this lovable kiddie ride!


North American Midway is thrilled to present Tea Cup, a new ride that has proven to be a hit at amusement parks and carnivals around the world. Tea Cup is composed of a turntable, inside of which are four smaller turntables with six cups. Passengers can manually rotate the cups via a central steering wheel. A fun ride in every respect!

Check back later to see full ride list and height requirements