Oct. 9-20, 2024


Crafts & Art


Fine Art/Photography

Patrons can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the Fine Art Department in the Cantey Building as they view the works of some of the state’s best amateur and professional artists. Featured categories include ceramics, pottery, aqua painting, oil painting, drawing, mixed media, prints, photography, digital art, open media and sculpture.

On Exhibit Dates: Oct. 11 – 22
Location: Cantey Building

Guests interested in purchasing artwork may complete a Public Interest Sheet, which will be in the Cantey Building. The Public Interest Sheet will be given to the artist at the time of pick up after the fair.

 It is up to the artist to contact the person interested to make the sale. Artwork listed as Not for Sale is exempt from public sales. The S.C. State Fair does not negotiate purchases for artwork and is not responsible or liable for any personal transactions.


Student Art

The works of some of the state’s most talented young artists will be on display in the Cantey Building.

Young protégés will enjoy taking in the handiwork of their peers in 2-D, 3-D and photography divisions. This year’s student art will feature Art of the Camellia, which blends art and horticulture to offer an added educational benefit for students in grades K-12.

On Exhibit Dates: Oct. 11 – 22
Location: Cantey Building

Home Craft

Home & Craft

Home arts, such as baking, cake decorating, canning, hobby crafts, quilting and sewing are among the many divisions found in the Moore Building each year as youth and adult exhibitors compete for a coveted blue ribbon.

Special displays, such as vintage bridal fashions or an antique kitchen, are also featured each year during the fair.

On Exhibit Dates: Oct. 11 – 22                                     
Location: Moore Building

Ernest Lee

Ernest Lee Artwork

Street artist and Columbia legend Ernest Lee will be selling his popular chicken paintings as well as other pieces at this year’s S.C. State Fair. While Lee is widely known for his chicken paintings, his works also include ocean scenes, nature scenes, fish, pets, palmetto trees, portraits – and just whatever comes out of his head.

Appearing daily in the smallstock building



Seventy-five tons of sand! For years, the S.C. State Fair’s talented sand artists have transformed huge piles of sand into creative wonders right before the eyes of patrons. The imagery continues this year as a work-in-progress comes to life over several days. Guests are sure to be amazed as they return to see the progress and final product.

Featured daily in the Goodman Building 

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Creative Connectors

As part of a creative community development program of the SC Arts Commission, a program called CREATE: Rural SC was born in 2017. Through this program, creatives, entrepreneurs, makers, artists and culture bearers were invited to become part of a network to examine and expand their role in local community development. They were coined ‘Creative Connectors’ and asked to help expand the network so more creatives in rural communities could become engaged, celebrated, and recognized as important assets.

Discover firsthand how creativity is the cornerstone of thriving, vibrant rural communities across South Carolina. Interact with our Creative Connectors and experience their remarkable artwork up close.  Learn more about their mission to fuel local connections and unveil hidden gems within their counties.

Featured daily in the Cantey Building Balcony

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