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Bowl Turner

Roger Abrahamson - Bowl Turner

Roger Abrahamson, a craftsman and teacher, performs wooden bowl turning on a human-powered spring pole lathe- a lost art dating back to times past

Broom Maker

Broom-making and Leather-works 

Fair goers are invited to watch brooms being hand made from natural broom corn. Handles are made from various types of wood, giving each broom its own personality. Brooms will be available for purchase

Yellow Ware Pottery

Chicanery Pottery by Reggie Delarm

Reggie Delarm makes pottery from Yellow Ware clay. She produces hand-thrown pottery on a potters wheel,  leaving ridges and imperfections that make each piece unique.  The most notable feature of Yellow Ware is the yellow clay itself. Items will be for sale at the show

Faire Wynds

Faire Wynds Entertainment

Join Professor Chalmers Bodkin-Childs, a true entertainer of “days gone by”, as he delights the crowd with his Amazing Patent Medicine, Magic Show and Flea Circus. This classic American exhibit replicates an actual medicine show of the early 1800s. All the entertainment is historically based and designed for a modern audience to enjoy and learn about the past

Rust And Flame Blacksmith

Rust & Flame Blacksmith

Step into the world of a blacksmith with Marvin and Beverly Gardner as the duo offers an educational experience for all ages. Audiences can watch and assist with some of the demonstrations

Kettle Corn

Bob's Kettle Corn

Fresh crafted Kettle Corn, a sweet-and-salty variety of popcorn. It was traditionally made in cast iron kettles. Found in Heritage Village