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In the Rosewoods Building

Join the University of South Carolina’s McKissick Museum for our 5th annual signature folklife festival, FOLKFabulous, at the South Carolina State Fair. Built around the yearlong exhibition WELL SUITED: The Costumes of Alonzo V. Wilson for HBO’s® Treme, this year’s FOLKFabulous celebrates the traditions and spirit of Mardi Gras—both in New Orleans and in South Carolina. FOLKFabulous is not an event to simply observe, but an invitation to interact with artists and cultural traditions that make the Palmetto State feel like home. Enjoy hands-on art making, parades, jam sessions, pop-up displays, narrative stages, and demonstrations by some of South Carolina’s most accomplished traditional artists.


Sand Sculpture
In the Goodman Building

Talented sand artists turn 75 tons of sand into creative wonders right before your eyes!


Balloon Beehive
In the Ellison Building

Balloon artists Shawn and Janice Mewborn are at it again! Come see the Little Red Balloon House (just like the little red school house) made out of 10,000+ balloons!


Yellow Ware Pottery

Yellow Ware Pottery
Outside the Moore Building

Watch Regina Delarm on the potter's wheel as she demonstrates the traditional style of pottery known as Yellow Ware!

Wooden Bowl Turning

Wooden Bowl Turning
Outside the Moore Building

Watch Roger Abrahamson turn wooden bowls on his human-powered lathe, a lost art dating back thousands of years!


Tin smith
In Front of the Moore Building

Michael Felk brings the past to life through his interpretive tinsmithing shows, using 18th century tools of the trade. 

Rust and Flame Blacksmith

Rust And Flame Blacksmith
Outside the Moore Building

Join Marvin and Beverly Gardner as they take you into the world of blacksmithing. Watch and assist Marvin as he turns quarter-inch rods into miniature horseshoes on the anvil!


Academic Avenue

This live exhibit features an old time creamery where patrons can help prepare cow milk by hand. Children will get a hands-on experience in the process of making butter, ice cream and cheese, using historic tools and machines while embracing the true concept of “home made.”

Fine Art

In the Cantey Building

See work from some of South Carolina's best artists, including pieces in painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture.

Student Art

In the Cantey Building

See work from talented young South Carolina artists.

Ernest Lee The Chicken Man

Appearing Daily Off Academic Avenue

Street artist and Columbia legend Ernest Lee will be selling his popular chicken paintings as well as other pieces again at this year’s fair. While Lee is widely known for his chicken paintings, his works also include ocean scenes, nature scenes, fish, pets, palmetto trees, portraits – and just whatever comes out of his head.