Food at the Fair

Check out our 90+ food stands whipping up elephant ears, corn dogs, fries, and more.

New Food 2019: Chili Mac Attack Sundae

A bowl of macaroni and cheese covered in ground beef and jalapenos.
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Enjoy a Chili Mac Attack Sundae that starts with mac and cheese on top of yummy french fries, topped with delicious chili and jalapenos. Located at DeAnna's Concessions.

New Food 2019: Double Dog Corndog

Two corndogs in a tray with one cut open to reveal two hot dogs inside, next to a sign that reads Daley's Corn Dogs with an illustration of a personified corn dog with a drawing of a blue ribbon..
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Daley’s will delight  us double-wide corndogs with two dogs in one tasty treat!!

New Food 2019: Bop's Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn
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Fresh crafted Kettle Corn, a sweet-and-salty variety of popcorn. It was traditionally made in cast iron kettles. Found in Heritage Village.

New Food 2019: Poppin Gourmet Burger

Gourmet Burger
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This new menu item features gourmet burger patties layered with pepper jack cheese and topped with onion rings and BBQ sauce on a toasted brioche bun. This burger can be found at Carousel Foods.

New Food 2019: Birthday Cake Funnel Cake

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This drool-worthy anniversary treat will feature a funnel cake with icing and rainbow sprinkles.