Oct. 9-20, 2024


Single Game RV Parking

2024 Availability

Unsold season RV parking spots will be sold on a game by game basis. If available, reservations will open online on June 3rd at 10am. 


Single Game RV Parking reservations are $200 for the weekend (Friday 2pm – Sunday 2pm). 

Parking spots do not have any hookups – you will need to be completely self-contained. Generators are allowed but fumes must not be a nuisance to you or your neighbors. Loud generators will not be tolerated. Excessively noisy generators will be required to be shut off. 

Even though you have reserved a spot, you will not be given a specific site number. Parking is done on an upon arrival basis. If you would like to park next to another RV then you will need to enter the fairgrounds at the same time. We ask that you stage yourselves outside the fairgrounds until your whole party arrives.

Spaces are as close to 60′ x 20′ as possible. Each reservation includes one (1) Camper/Motorhome pass and one (1) car pass. Two (2) additional car passes may be purchased upon arrival for $40 each. Car Passes give you the ability to leave and return to the fairgrounds an unlimited amount of times the day before and after the game. You may leave and re-enter the fairgrounds one (1) time on the day of the game. All vehicles must park at your designated camping spot. 

Security will be on the premises at all times once the gates open to assist with any problems or questions.

Where You Will Park

Entrance to the Single Game RV Lot is thru Gate 12 located at 1054 Rosewood Dr. Columbia, SC 29201. Parking area is outlined in red. 

Single Game RV Rules & Regulations

  1. Check-In begins at 2pm the day before the game and Check-Out must be completed before 2pm the day after the game.


  1. All vehicles are required to have a vehicle pass when entering the fairgrounds at any time. Parking Permits be prominently displayed at all times and clearly visible from the outside.


  1. There is a maximum of three (3) vehicles allowed at any site. All vehicles must be parked in front of the RV/Camper site they are visiting or otherwise specified designated area. Do not park in front of another site or in an empty site.


  1. Overnight parking is restricted to self-contained Campers/RV’s only. Camping in tents, cargo trailers, cars or any other type of vessel is expressly prohibited. All Campers/RV’s must be equipped with water, sewer holding tanks, electrical generated power, or the ability to receive electrical power.

  2. Generators are allowed but fumes must not be a nuisance to you or your neighbors. Loud generators will not be tolerated. Excessively noisy generators will be required to be shut off. 

  3. Do not park in areas defined as “Fire Lanes” or “No Parking”. Your vehicle will be towed at your expense.

  4. Other than your registered vehicle, no other motorized conveyance is permitted with the exception of those being used for the physically impaired, covered in South Carolina Code of Laws Section 43-33, Article 1.


  1. Charcoal and wood grills are not allowed. If you choose to use a propane grill, all material used for cooking must be extinguished and cool before leaving your parking site.

  2. Tents and canopies can be used as long as they are free standing and do not impede on your neighbor’s space. The use of tent spikes is strictly forbidden. Any questions should be directed to the Director of Gamecock Parking or Director of Security.

  3. Selling of goods, soliciting, or the posting of bills is prohibited by the fairgrounds and by State Law.


  1. Please assist us in keeping the grounds clean. We offer a trash bag for you to use upon entering the fairgrounds and will provide more if needed. Trash receptacles are located throughout the grounds.


  1. Dogs, cats, or other similar type animals must be maintained in a cage, on a leash, or in your Camper/RV at all times. It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet.


  1. The Richland County sheriff’s department patrols the fairgrounds at all times. Those persons who have become drunk and disorderly or who are consuming alcohol underage are subject to arrest and prosecution.

  2. The use of electronic equipment is permitted as long as it does not disrupt others around you.

  3. Quiet Time is 1:00am to 8:00am


  1. No refunds are issued without a 14 day cancellation notice. There is a 10% surcharge for all cancellations.
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