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Welcome! The marketing department handles all media inquiries for the South Carolina State Fair.

Working on a story about The South Carolina State Fair?  Contact us for background and story ideas.

Contact Information

For additional information and/or interview requests, please contact the marketing department via: 

  • Email: media@scstatefair.org
  • Phone: 803.799.3387 or 803-851-4630

The best option is to email your request. Please include your name, publication/station, subject of your story and deadline date. This will allow us to identify the appropriate person and best resources available to fill the media request.

Media Twitter


This Twitter account tweets official South Carolina State Fair news, special announcements and other newsworthy fair happenings. These tweets will streamline the process of disseminating information, especially during times with breaking news. All official updates will be posted via this account. 

Photography & Video Footage Guidelines

Please see the (2023) photography and video footage guidelines before gathering content at the South Carolina State Fair.

Digital Press Kit

We collect all South Carolina State Fair information into a one-stop-shop.  The most up-to-date digital press kit is available here.

Fair Rules & Safety

Please read the (2023) Fair Rules & Safety guidelines before gathering content at the fair.

About the South Carolina State Fair

The South Carolina State Fair, a self-supporting 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was organized in 1869 and is dedicated to preserving and promoting South Carolina’s agricultural roots while supporting statewide education.  In addition to the 12-day South Carolina State Fair, the charitable organization manages annual football parking and is a popular event venue.  The South Carolina State Fair has awarded more than $5 million in scholarships since 1997..

Recent Press Releases

If you would like to be on our press release mailing list, please email marketing@scstatefair.org.

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