Oct. 9-20, 2024


Netterfield Stage

Meet me at the Netterfield Stage

String Showdown 2

The String Showdown

More interactive than a band, more exciting than a DJ, more unique than dueling pianos, The String Showdown is about to be your new favorite act.

Debuting on the Netterfields Stage, multi-instrumentalists Mike Lauer (George Maurer, Bobby Vee) and Greg Byers (Kat Perkins, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) collide in The String Showdown! Get ready for a fun and fast-paced performance full of sweet licks and hilarious riffs! As a dueling string duo, they rock a mishmash of hits from radio, TV, and movies compelling all to clap, dance and sing along. Be amazed at their instrumental prowess while cracking up at their irreverent, family-friendly humor.

Each show is crafted to entertain; with the perfect blend of crowd engagement, comedy, and musical magic. 

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