Oct. 9-20, 2024


Academic Avenue Stage

Meet me at the Academic Avenue Stage 

The Academic Avenue Stage is located across from the Pepsi Place stage, across from the kiddie land rides and next door to the Rosewoods Building (the Princess Diana Exhibit).

Contest Winner 2022

Boiled Peanut Eating Contest

Wed., Oct. 11 at 5:30 p.m.

This fun event is taking place on opening day only.  Don’t miss watching, cheering and laughing as local celebrities accept the challenge to learn who can eat the most boiled peanuts at the S.C. State Fair!  Can Lexington County Sherriff Jay Koon hold onto his 2022 first place standing? 

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Dennis Lee

Be sure to catch the Dennis Lee show with his talented band from Memphis, Tennessee, featuring the fabulous Stephanie Ann on fiddle. The Dennis Lee Band blends musical favorites, comedy, country music, old time rock and roll, and patriotic numbers.   Dennis Lee is back for his 41st year at the South Carolina State Fair.

Oct. 17 – 22



Mr. Puppet

Prepare to be delighted as Mr. Puppet brings his charming marionettes to life. Get ready for an interactive experience like no other. Mr. Puppet takes pride in ensuring laughter and enjoyment for audiences of all ages. Don’t miss out on the funniest ventriloquism act around!

Oct. 11 – 15



Ron Diamond

For over two decades, Ron Diamond has been captivating crowds with his blend of comedy, hypnosis and illusion.  Once again, Diamond takes the stage at the S.C State Fair, showcasing the captivating influence of hypnosis through engaging audience participation and lighthearted humor.  Here is a sneak peek.


Please note: Acts are subject to change without notice.


Swifty Swine Racing and Swimming Pigs

Always a favorite! Guests will be treated to an action-packed, fast-paced, high-energy program as “Swifty” the swimming pig plunges into an 8-foot tank, and 4 piglets compete for first place in a series of high-speed races. It’s the fastest pig race around. 

Performing daily down Academic Avenue in front of Abernathy Arena 


Commerford Petting Zoo

Commerford and Sons petting zoo is a family owned and operated petting zoo featuring domestic animals and hand-raised exotic animals that just love attention. The Comerford’s have been raising animals for well over 50 years. Guests are invited to get up close and meet some members of the Commerford petting zoo family! And don’t forget to wash those hands afterwards.   

Featured daily down Academic Avenue 


Philip Simmons Blacksmith Guild

The Philip Simmons Blacksmith Guild was formed exclusively for educational purposes to encourage and facilitate the training of blacksmiths. The group disseminates information about sources of material and equipment, exposes the art of blacksmithing and serves as a resource for all who are interested in the craft. Demonstrations are open to the public. Guild members participate in several events throughout the year such as Ashley on the River at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston and the Renaissance Fair in Myrtle Beach.

Appearing on Academic Avenue 

October 22 – 24 

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