CIRCUS at the Fair

The free, daily CIRCUS at the Fair is returning to the South Carolina State Fair for a second year and will feature a brand-new tent, fresh new acts and a never-before seen show!

Get ready for the thrills under the new big top. The CIRCUS will perform three 40 minute-long shows each day beside the Ellison Building near the South Gate Entrance.

Shows begin at 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Daily admission to the CIRCUS is free with your fair admission ticket. Each show features a variety of new, exciting entertainment from a renowned lineup of traditional and unique circus acts.


Sensational ringmaster and circus veteran, Ian Garden, will host the hour-long production. Garden will be joined by an esteemed international cast of acts.


Originally from Brazil, The Urias Family built their first motorcycle globe in 1912 and began performing all around the world, winning countless awards showing their daredevil skills, riding their motorcycles 40 to 45 miles an hour all around and upside down in a 16 foot steep sphere. Through 4 generations, the Urias have innovated and accomplished many firsts in this daredevil act, including first to have 3 motorcycles riding inside simultaneously, first to have a lady in the middle of the chaos, and first motorcycle globe to perform with Ringling Brothers Circus. Often referred to as the first family of the Globe, they now featuring the only 4th generation Globe stunt riders in the world.


Originally starting out competing in sports acrobatics, sisters, Olga and Mariya Surnina have been performing acrobatics and aerial artistry together since they were little girls growing up in Kazakhstan, and then showcasing their skills all around the world. Recently coming back together, they have created an incredibly original act, combining contortion, hand balancing and dance and moving together as one, as only sisters could! Amazing audiences at entertainment events all over the world, Duo Surnina are at their best displaying their strength, flexibility, balance and beauty.


Bauer began performing at a young age when he joined the family daredevil act, The Fabulous Fearless Bauers. In his early teens he was featured in a number of thrilling acts including the motorcycle on the incline wire, skywalks on the highwire, the death-defying 90 foot sway pole, and the challenging, 50-foot Wheel of Destiny.


Viki and Richie are multi-generational jugglers hailing from Budapest Hungary. They have spent their whole lives touring in circuses and shows around the globe. Performing a high speed juggling act, they are excited to bring there talents to the South Carolina State Fair!


Alex Petrov will boggle your mind with his gravity defying antics. He is a multitalented circus performer with a long performance resume that includes everything from acrobatic feats to animal husbandry. You’ll be turning your head as you watch him in this one of a kind act he created to blow the human mind.

Stay tuned…

Additional acts will be announced here. Please note: Acts are subject to change without notice.