Oct. 11-22, 2023


Livestock Scholarships

See below for information for Cattle, Swine, Equine, and Market Goat Scholarship Programs.  

Cattle Scholarships

  • South Carolina State Fair is proud to annually sponsor a $2000 Dairy Scholarship for the Junior Dairy Supreme Champion. 

  • SC Farm Livin’ is proud to offer one (1) $500 Beef Scholarship annually in memory of Jason Dobbins.

  • Beef Cattle Exhibitors are proud to offer one (1) $500 Beef scholarship annually in memory of Mary Hrlic. 
(Please note: Winner of the SC Farm Bureau Scholarship are not eligible in subsequent years for the Farm Livin’ or Marty Hrlic scholarships.)

Swine Scholarships

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2023 Swine Scholarship Application

SC Farm Bureau Federation Swine Scholarship – $2,500

SC Pork Board & National Pork Producers  Council – $1,000 

Equine Scholarships

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Equine Scholarship Program Details

2023 SCSF Equine Scholarship Application Sponsored by the S.C. Farm Bureau Federation and the South Carolina Horsemen’s Council

SC Farm Bureau Federation Equine Scholarship – $2,500

SC Horsemen’s Council – $1,500

SC Horsemen’s Council – $500


Market Goat Scholarships

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