Oct. 9-20, 2024


There’s Nothing quite like Netterfields

Our stomachs are growling just thinking about all the Netterfield’s juicy turkey legs, fluffy cotton candy, and sweet candy apples we’re going to eat in just a couple of weeks at the Spring Fair Food Drive-Through which will run from April 16-22.

If you’ve been to the South Carolina State Fair, chances are you’ve heard of Netterfields Popcorn & Lemonade Inc.. In case you haven’t, they are a third-generation family run business who has been traveling from fair to fair for 97 years. They’ve been a staple at our fair for the past 55 years, and we’ve watched them grow from having one singular cotton candy stand to having multiple stands throughout the fair offering various fair foods. This year, Netterfields will be returning to the Spring Fair Food Drive-Through, and we can’t wait to indulge ourselves in their tasty treats.

Netterfields is bringing back many of their fan favorites to our drive-through event, one being candy apples. These candy apples will be available red or caramel, plain or with nuts. Kim Netterfield of Netterfields Popcorn & Lemonade Inc. says that the business values quality when it comes to the food they serve, and candy apples are not an exception.

“We buy locally, we buy all of our apples and our lemons from the market right down the street from the South Carolina State Fair,” Netterfield said.


(Photos by Alison South)

Speaking of lemons, new to the Spring Fair Food Drive-Through this year is Netterfield’s freshly squeezed lemonade! Netterfield says that their lemonade does not include any artificial flavoring, and that each lemon is squeezed as it’s ordered.

Netterfields lemonade along with their caramel corn is a Netterfields secret family recipe that has been passed down generations.

For anyone who has yet to try Netterfields, their homemade caramel corn is one of the food items that Netterfield would recommend since it is a fan favorite.

“We make our own caramel corn, and not very many people in the carnival business do that anymore,” Netterfield said. “It was the Netterfields grandmother’s recipe, and we still make it the same.”


Apart from delicious food, Netterfields also offers the opportunity for people to connect and make memories. Since 1926 the Netterfield’s family have watched people meet their significant other, have date nights, catch up with their friends, and more.

“Usually, if you mention Netterfields, somebody will have a story to tell, or they have a memory that they’ve made.” Netterfield said.

The Spring Fair Food Drive-Through will be an opportunity to continue the tradition of making memories, and we encourage you to plop down on a picnic table and share your favorite Netterfield’s fair foods with the ones you love most.

For more information on our Spring Fair Food Drive-Through event, visit https://www.scstatefair.org/spring-fair-food/.

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