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A First Date at the SC State Fair Turns Into a (Fair)y Tale Ending

There’s no better first date than the South Carolina State Fair. At least that’s what Kelly and Holden Clark believe who had their first date on the fairgrounds in 2015 and have been going strong ever since!

For Kelly and Holden, the SC State Fair was a great first date option because they thought that it would ease the awkwardness that often comes with movie or dinner first dates. They also thought that it would just be more fun!

“There’s so much going on that you’re not too focused on each other, but you’re enjoying each other, and it kind of breaks the ice,” Holden said.

Kelly explained that there’s so much to look at and see while walking around and getting to know each other, and they couldn’t have planned a more perfect first date.

On their first date, Kelly and Holden started a tradition of taking a yearly photo at the fair to remember their Fiske fries and fried cookie dough filled day.

clark 1

In 2016, their love for the fair and each other blossomed when Holden popped the question on the fairgrounds. Holden proposed in front of the WIS fair tent, which is where the couple had their first photo taken.

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The next year, the couple came back to the SC State Fair to have their engagement pictures taken to commemorate their fair story.

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But their fair story wasn’t over yet. In 2018, the Clark’s had a fair themed wedding where they had cotton candy wedding favors, a fair themed photo booth, and even a Ferris wheel full of cupcakes!

clark 7
clark 8 1

Kelly explained that it has been so exciting watching everything come full circle since their first date.

“All of our major milestones and memories have been at the fair,” Kelly said.

Which is why the couple wanted to go back to where it all started for their gender reveal in 2022. Although they were convinced they were going to have a girl, Kelly and Holden Clark found out right in front of the rocket that they were having a little boy.

clark 9

After welcoming their son Bentley into the world, the couple decided to have some newborn photos taken. Their photographer was familiar with Kelly and Holden’s history with the fair and decided to add to the fun by bringing some fair themed photo props for Bentley.

Kelly and Holden are planning to bring Bentley to his first SC State Fair during the 2023 fair season.

Kelly says she can’t wait to continue this tradition with Bentley, and then someday be able to share the hundreds of fair photos she has to her future grandkids.

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