Oct. 11-22, 2023


Scholarship Requirements

2023 South Carolina State Fair Scholarship

I. Eligibility:

A. Applicant must be a full time resident of South Carolina and a senior in a public or private high school or home school in South Carolina.

B. Applicant must complete the online application form in its entirety.

C. Applicant must attach a current photograph (preferably a senior class photo).

D. Applicant must attend a public or private college, university, or technical college in the state of South Carolina.

II. Award:

A. Applicant will be judged based on need, academic and extra-curricular achievement, communication skills, and on aptitude for completion of application.

B. Scholarship will be paid directly to the treasurer’s office of the college or university attended.

C. Fifty (50) $6000 scholarships will be awarded to students across the state to be paid at the rate of $1500 per year over a four-year period. Students pursuing two-year degrees will receive $1500 per year over the two year period.


The selected fifty (50) 2023 scholars will be required to meet eligibility requirements deemed necessary by the South Carolina State Fair to renew their scholarships each year.

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