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Ride Safety is Our Priority

Oct 6, 2016

The South Carolina State fair has enjoyed a long history of ride safety and is taking steps again this year to ensure a fun and safe experience for our patrons on the Midway.

All amusement rides in the state must be inspected every year, and each ride at the State Fair will receive two or more additional inspections before opening day and throughout the fair’s 12-day run.

Along with the required state inspections, the fair provides an added independent inspection of every ride before opening day to further ensure safety.

“We have maintained a long record of ride safety and we want to take whatever steps necessary to continue that,” State Fair Manager Gary Goodman said. “Our patrons are our primary concern and it is in everyone’s best interest that we provide a very safe experience.”

State inspectors routinely make additional safety checks throughout the fair and send reports about the inspections to the fair office.

“They are on the grounds looking at things all the time,” Goodman explains. “And we are in constant communication with other fairs that contract with the same carnival.”

North American Midway again will provide the bulk of the rides for this year’s fair while some additional rides provided by Amusements of America. All total, the Midway will feature nearly 70 kiddie and spectacular rides this year.

So hop on, have fun and be safe.

Here are some safety tips for enjoying fair rides.

  • Follow all instructions of the ride operators.
  • Check each ride for proper height requirements.
  • Keep hands, legs and head inside rides at all times.
  • Do not remove safety guards or belts while the ride is in operation.
  • Do not stand up, rock or swing in rides.
  • Stay seated until the ride comes to a complete stop.
  • Some rides may have rapidly changing forces - physically or mentally challenged guests or those who are pregnant or have other health conditions may find these rides unsuitable.
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